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High Quality Blades

Here at Wahl Knives a lot of focus is on custom design and work. I try to make every project a unique piece of art. I love what I do and using my God-given talents to its full potential!

I have a couple of standard designs for the hunting, utility and folder knives just to make things easier for clients to do custom work on materials on these designs.

I use the best materials I can get and what is affordable for the client. I use N690, 440c for my standard blades. For art work and upgraded knives I use stainless Damascus, carbon Damascus, titanium Damascus, Mokume, etc. On the handles I use burl woods, carbon fiber, exotic materials, brass, etc.

Standard Knife Shapes

What is a Standard Wahl Knife?

The blade hollow is hand finished to 1200 grams, the ricasso is disc finished or hand finished to 800gr. The bolster is finished with a scribble effect. The leather sheath is made out of vegan leather.


Total Length: 215mm
Blade: 4mm Steel


Total Length: 204mm
Blade: 4mm Steel


Total Length: 225mm
Blade: 4mm Steel


Total Length: 135mm
Blade: 3mm Steel


Total Length: 242mm
Blade: 4mm Steel


Total Length: 200mm
Blade: 3mm Steel

Awards and Qualifications

Why Wahl Knives?

Take a look at some of the awards and qualifications Wahl Knives has obtained over the years.

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